Obliviate !

2019 was a blast!, 2020 is coming!

2019 is gonna be over soon, I just wanna say thank you for everyone whose their lifeline crossed with mine this year, and years before.

To be honest, 2019 is not much different with many years before, and if I put rank on the last 10 years, based on my personal likeness, I think 2019 is near on the bottom of the list if not by chance I got to go to Mecca to do umrah. Yes, it helps me a lot to go through this year!.

Looking back at my college days, I think my bad habit is still the same even today. These made everything I wanted can’t be achieved 100%. There are some kind of barrier around me, Never go extra miles to do the job/study nor try to socialize more is indeed my biggest regret after all this time. I know it was shit but it’s very hard for me to crack these invisible shells

Well, despite of those things i mentioned abiove, there are lot of things that I really want to achieve next year, mostly trivial things like tracking all of my money, start doing exercises, reading more books, and doing some research and online course ~ I do have a plan to get some certification on it !. I won’t put any details yet, but maybe I will post it on this blog later.

Ah, one thing that i discovered this year is a technique callled “Pomodoro”, it’s some kind of time management technique. It really helps me to doing almost everything !!

Well, whatever, goodbye 2019 and welcome 2020, be nice to me !!

Obliviate !

November 2019 Resolutions

I guess, I’ll starting to make this post series. If you read my last post, which is on April 2019, You will notice that I’m not in a good condition mentally. I tried to solve the problem by stating and visioning my long term goals. One of them is getting the OSCP certification, which is up until now, I haven’t tried to achieving it. The problem is not that I’m not motivated enough to do all the necessary activity to achieve those goals, but I just don’t know whether that was what i really wanted back then (even now) and don’t feel rewarding. that’s why I stuck.

To solve that, I started to questioning myself a bit more, deeper, and even asked for helps. Sometimes, I feel utterly useless, desperate, and even doubting my existence in this world. Plus, I’m not a good social person, you can imagine how sucks that period was. Well, I’m not going to tell it more. The point is, I need really to plan my day to day action, so I can change my habit, !! I realize what makes me really happy is by achieving something what I want, it doesn’t have to be something big. Just a simple recognition, congratulation, or even treat for myself after I finish some simple and easy task/course. Because, for me, those things is soo much satisfying. Just do the simple thing first and consistently!

Here is my plans for this month :

  1. Wake up early, do some exercise before going to office.
  2. Complete 1 book, ( I will complete Sapiens by Harari this month, and write it on goodread/this blog so I will feel rewarded )
  3. Cook my own meal.
  4. Complete basic android and data science course, get the certificate, and post it on linkedin (i’m not aiming big, im just taking the simplest courses this month).
  5. Exercise after office, my plan is just to run on treadmill before going home from office.

That’s it. !!

ps. motivations indeed come from ourselves. We define our own motivation. We define our own path. Sure, you need a trully good environtment as the catalyst, but in the end it’s our own life. There will always doubts, even from ourlselves, just compensate and befriend with it, nothing bad will come from it !, I really mean it, let’s keep moving wherever we want to go !!

Obliviate !

Di Persimpangan Jalan

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya mengikuti sebuah talkshow / Seminar Teknologi, yang pembicaranya merupakan para petinggi korporat maupun startup yang ada di Indonesia. Salah satu hal penting yang saya dapat saat itu adalah penjelasan tentang bagaimana kehidupan seorang googlers dari Head Country Google Indonesia, Pak Henky Prihatna.

Obliviate !

What is your Dream Job ?

Up until now, I always think that working is not a fun thing to do. I always see that most people work for money 100% and there are no other reasons they are willing to ‘work’. nah.. Maybe I just haven’t found my dream job yet.

Anyway, I found an interesting article here about this so-called dream job.  Dream Job is not about a job that has ‘tons of money’ and ‘easy’ tasks.


Where will we go now?


The things we need to look for in a dream job

  1. Work you’re good at,
  2. Work that helps others,
  3. Engaging work that lets you enter a state of flow (freedom, variety, clear tasks, feedback),
  4. Supportive colleagues,
  5. No major negatives like long hours or unfair pay, and
  6. A job that fits your personal life.


Have you found your own dream job?
or rather consider to makes your current job a dream job?

Obliviate !

Tak perlu jadi penulis. Jadilah orang yang menulis

Banyak sekali hal yang terbesit di kepalaku, dan sebenarnya sudah menjadi draft tulisan yang akan ku publish di blog ini. Namun semuanya berasa setengah matang, dan alih alih diselesaikan, bahkan saat ini saya selalu heran dan bingung memandang draft tulisan yang menumpuk (beberapa hanya berisi judul saja).

Obliviate !

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Selamat datang di blog ‘terbaru’ saya.

“Kenapa sih bikin blog baru lagi?”

Jawabnya, banyak hal yang terjadi dan yak, let’s enjoy this one last ride !!


New Voyage,  One Last Ride


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton