2019 was a blast!, 2020 is coming!

2019 is gonna be over soon, I just wanna say thank you for everyone whose their lifeline crossed with mine this year, and years before.

To be honest, 2019 is not much different with many years before, and if I put rank on the last 10 years, based on my personal likeness, I think 2019 is near on the bottom of the list if not by chance I got to go to Mecca to do umrah. Yes, it helps me a lot to go through this year!.

Looking back at my college days, I think my bad habit is still the same even today. These made everything I wanted can’t be achieved 100%. There are some kind of barrier around me, Never go extra miles to do the job/study nor try to socialize more is indeed my biggest regret after all this time. I know it was shit but it’s very hard for me to crack these invisible shells

Well, despite of those things i mentioned abiove, there are lot of things that I really want to achieve next year, mostly trivial things like tracking all of my money, start doing exercises, reading more books, and doing some research and online course ~ I do have a plan to get some certification on it !. I won’t put any details yet, but maybe I will post it on this blog later.

Ah, one thing that i discovered this year is a technique callled “Pomodoro”, it’s some kind of time management technique. It really helps me to doing almost everything !!

Well, whatever, goodbye 2019 and welcome 2020, be nice to me !!

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