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What is your Dream Job ?

Up until now, I always think that working is not a fun thing to do. I always see that most people work for money 100% and there are no other reasons they are willing to ‘work’. nah.. Maybe I just haven’t found my dream job yet.

Anyway, I found an interesting article here about this so-called dream job.  Dream Job is not about a job that has ‘tons of money’ and ‘easy’ tasks.


Where will we go now?


The things we need to look for in a dream job

  1. Work you’re good at,
  2. Work that helps others,
  3. Engaging work that lets you enter a state of flow (freedom, variety, clear tasks, feedback),
  4. Supportive colleagues,
  5. No major negatives like long hours or unfair pay, and
  6. A job that fits your personal life.


Have you found your own dream job?
or rather consider to makes your current job a dream job?

By Bakti Satria

Just another "IT guy". Love writing, video games, technology, drama, music, and ideas. Master of procrastinating yet has a big curiosity about many things. Bakti is only a man who is trying to Live up his dream.

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